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Evergreen International Financial Services was established for the expressed purpose of assisting those around the world in search of funding for investments and projects of all types. Through our network of global funding sources, we are able to grant those in need of funding, access into the very exclusive offshore financial markets where immediate and unlimited capital is available for those who qualify.
Evergreen Financial is a global Financial Services Group that is dedicated to procuring capital for our clientele. Kimbery recognizes the fact that each client presents unique circumstances and therefore places emphasis on innovation and efficiency, while working closely with clients to ensure project funding.

Our primary means of providing funding for projects and investments worldwide is through the use of bank instruments (BG, MTN, CD, PN, SKR, SBLC, etc.) which are either owned or borrowed by the client seeking funding against such instruments.
Evergreen Financial, is a full service international equipment lease broker. We also offer potentially 100% international project finance from $5 MM USD and up. Green and humanitarian projects get preferential treatment.

Evergreen International Financial Services is a global business development consultancy associated with a global network of private investors. As facilitators we are directly connected to our private investors and as intermediaries we are experienced in processing, underwriting and placing complete presentation proposals of large and medium size commercial projects as well as other financial services to our private investors for funding. We respond immediately providing a fast and efficient service with flexible loan structures. It usually takes 2 to 4 days to perform a detailed review and prepare a presentation for the lender providing all the documentation is in place. Underwriting a file for funding varies with each lender after which a letter of intent may or may not be offered. After a duly executed letter of intent has been received by the lender, closing takes approximately 30 to 45 days. We hope that in these pages you will find enough information that will give you the confidence in us to assist you with your funding success. Please take a moment to view our legal and privacy statement, then enjoy your visit. 

Commercial Loans National & International: Debt, Equity Capital, Mezzanine, Financial Instruments for USA and International Commercial Real Estate Projects, Alternative Energy, Joint Ventures, Business Financing, 100% Loan to Cost Programs, Bridge Loans, Project Financing and Asset Based Loans. Project types are very comprehensive such as loans for purchase and  refinance of construction, acquisition and development, accounts receivables (business and medical), alternative energy, apartment buildings, churches, condominiums, town homes, precious metals, corporate expansion, energy, film industry, flagged and un-flagged hotels, hospitals, golf courses, senior assisted living, health care facilities, light industrial, storage facilities, parking facilities, real estate notes, purchase order financing, raw land, regional malls, renewable power, residential developments, manufacturing plants, resorts, restaurants, shopping centers, strip malls, theme parks, working capital, proof of funds, certificates of deposit etc. Financing starts nationally at $1Million and internationally from $5Million with no maximum. We may consider smaller requests depending on the viability of the project. The maximum limits will be dictated by the underwriting guidelines of the investor. We prefer projects with an investment of 35% equity input by the principals but will consider those projects with at least 10% injection of equity by the principals. For those projects with no equity, principals must be willing to invest at least a minimum of 10% equity in the project at the time a commitment is offered. The principals must also be able to cover the due diligence fees once a letter of intent or commitment is offered.

Financial Instruments: We have available various financial instruments available to high net worth individuals and corporations. PPPs, Private placement programs, Leased Bank Guarantees (BGs) Stand By Letter of Credits (SBLC) Certificates of Deposits (CDs), Proof of Funds (POF) and more High Yield Investment Programs. You must be invited to join. For some of these programs we are only the facilitator or the intermediary. Project Developers, Borrowers, Investors, Buyers, Sellers with Bank Ready Facilities, Ready, Willing & Able (RWA), to Lease Bank Instruments for the purpose of Enhanced Credit, Show Proof of Capability to enter larger investment opportunities, attain loans and funding for business or projects or to serve as collateral for a transaction, may request our services. Contemplated transactions are strictly of private commercial investment transactions only and are in no way related to the United States Securities Act 1933 as amended or the regulations in the USA, its jurisdictions or other nations with similar securities laws and regulations. Applicants must be professionals with knowledge of the use of financial instruments and investment programs. We do not give advice as to how these programs can be incorporated into any financial plans. Request more information and an application package.

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