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Bridge Loan Funding
Criteria for Hard Money / Bridge Loans
  • Minimum loan size: $500,000
  • Minimum property value: $1,000,000
  • Property types: raw land, residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, rehabs, etc.
  • Maximum loan percentage: up to 70% assuming there are no other liens on the property.
  • First lien position only: However, lender may be able to work with other lenders to have them take the 2nd position.
  • Use of funds: The Lender does not have restrictions on the use of funds. Borrower must be able to demonstrate an ability to make the payments and demonstrate that loan request is realistic and financially sound.
If you are looking for a fast commercial loan that meets the requirements above, take a moment to complete our Questionary Loan application Submit documents, We will forward to you a "Commercial Hard Money/Bridge Loan" application package within 48 hours or less.
Real Estate collateralized loans with up to 3 years to repay.

No prepayment penalties.

Business or real estate related purposes.

Up to 70% of the quich sale value of the property.

11% - 12% or depending upon all the facors.

Minimum loan size: $5,000,000
Maximum loan size: $50,000,000.

The Lender funds loans throughout the US. EUROPE

Real estate (and will consider other assets.)

Typically, within 3 weeks, (sooner if required)
Early Commitment Availability private invitation Working Policy Borrower Clients issue prepare power of attorney to consult client To accept clients application
  1. Client send Notarized full coordinate letter of intent (LOI) Client information sheet (CIS) Check list, availability Appraised Real estate Assets collateral executive summary business Plan.
  2. Clients send letter,Wiiling to pay option fee.
  3. Client send reguest acceptance agreement format
  4. and copy of transffered bank receipt Draft fee. And fee protection.
Upon receipt of the reguested documents, we will accept, submit evaluation to our lending trust / investors(s) Appointment London, Germany, New York, Swiss banks.
Any other “ Procedure offers ” will not be acceptable to us!!
Incomplete Submissions will NOT be Reviewed or Acknowledged!! 
We work availability private invitation authorized by clients.

Further to your inquiry, we write to confirm the following regarding your request for information on Project Financing.

We are working with large trading bank platform managing contract as “ trust fund managers worldwide development” and we confirm that we can introduce you to reputable companies to arrange funding for your projects or to issue collateral to support your projects.

The summary below outlines the terms and conditions for the contemplated transaction as well as the general procedure.
This Program is designed for
How we can help you..provide collateral

Please note that it is not our intention to enter into long email dialogues discussing projects and procedures. We work only when we receive the application documents below in full.
  • The applicant will submit the information forms below together with the Project Executive Summary for initial evaluation. [If this information is not supplied first we will simply delete emails received.]
  • We will then place the request with our panel of lenders or collateral providers as required. [It may take up to two weeks depending on work load to receive an initial response from the Funder’s office.]
  • Once we have received a positive response from a provider we will forward the initial
  • There is no obligation on either side regarding the proposed transaction until the applicant confirms their acceptance. The information supplied will be for information only.
  • If the initial proposal is acceptable to the applicant we will proceed to issue our Contract of Service and send out all other documents for completion.
  • Any introducer will be protected for commissions and introducer’s fees under the NCND signed by the applicant.
  • Once the applicant has accepted the final proposal from our provider, the applicant will complete a fee protection agreement for payment of commissions and introducer’s fees to all concerned parties.
As a guide we can consider clients with the following project requirements:
  • Clients with part of the project cost which the client will invest in the project as well as seeking additional funding. Naturally, if a client is investing their own money into the project it makes financing that much easier. As a guide, we would expect a client to have 5-10% of the total project cost to invest themselves.
  • Clients with Credit Lines or Loans offered to them by their bank. For those clients who do not have their own money, either because they are expanding or have collateral tied up elsewhere, we can offer finance providing their banks have agreed to support the project with either a loan or a credit line, which will need other collateral, such as a BG or SLC to release the money from the bank. In these cases we would normally deliver a live, callable, cash-backed instrument for 106% of the loan/credit facility; i.e. 6% interest to the bank. The bank must then release 100% of the facility in cash; not 80% or 85%. They will be given live, callable instruments which the bank can use in various ways, plus interest. The loan collateral now becomes the instrument, not the project. [We will need to receive a copy of the bank letter confirming the facility to the applicant. We do not offer a facility first to try to get the bank to agree later.]
  • Clients with existing track records and several years of trading with their banks, but who temporarily need extra collateral (Credit Enhancement) in order for their bank to extend their facilities. In these cases we can delivery Leased Instrument and arrange a loan against the leased collateral. This facility is not available to new start-up projects.
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