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We facilitate to individuals and corporations the opportunity to acquire Bank Instruments at minimal expense to the applicant compared to other banking options. The Instruments include Bank Guarantees (BG), Standby Letters of Credit (SBLC),  Certificates of Deposit (CD), Medium Term Notes (MTN), Bonds, Notes, Proof of Funds (POF) or CD with the purpose to receive a POF at 90% of the CD's face value. Base on availability instruments maybe available at a wide range of prices that you can afford, easy and straight forward procedures which will able you to close your transaction on time. We work with experience providers that will guide you through the process to accomplish your needs. What we only require from you is that you be a Borrower that is Ready Willing and Able to perform. Note that leased instruments are useless unless they are authorized by the rightful owner who must provide such authorization in writing and must be verified as true and correct.

We provide potential investors or principals looking to raise capital with details regarding these services and will provide answers to questions about this opportunity. We can facilitate any of these instruments to get your investment or project funded. All instruments are renewable annually. We work directly with the issuing bank providers. The instrument coordinates are provided as per contracts or agreements only for the applicant's bank or own verification. We recommend that applicants verify all content of the transaction with their advisor before engaging. Other than the LOI Application, required will be a Bank Tear Sheet or Original Bank Statement for some of the programs to provide proof of the applicant's residency and proof of the availability of funds to get engaged in the requested transaction as well as a copy of the applicant's passport and CIS (Customer Information Statement). 

Bank instruments can be useful for many who are looking to access opportunities that might not be available without sufficient collateral. The bank instruments can be callable, irrevocable, assigned and transferable. In essence, no matter what your circumstance, bank instrument providers can accommodate your needs. There are a number of lucrative options when these instruments are used correctly. Bank Instruments can be used to enhance Credit, Show Proof of Capability to Enter Larger Investment Opportunities, Attain Loans and Funding for Business or Projects, Serve as Collateral for a Transaction, Serve as Blocked Collateral via DTC / Euro Clear / SWIFT MT 760 with MT 799 Pre-Advice.  Note that leased instruments are useless unless authorized by the rightful owner who must provide authorization in writing and must be verified as true and correct.

Fund and trade
An applicant with an instrument on account and need valuable assistance or require funding or if there is need to place the instrument in a Private Placement Program (PPP) or High Yield Investment Program (HYIP) or an investor with funds to acquire a bank instrument and have it in an account and need a Trader or Program Manager to have it blocked by MT760 for funding or credit and then to trade, sources are available to facilitate to funding or credit to PPP or HYIP in direct cooperation with Traders and Program Managers.  (1) Contracts may be provided to applicants who have a bank instrument already in their account and have the ability to MT760 the instrument to the Trader or Program Manager. (2) Contracts may be provided to applicants who have the cash or funds free and clear of any liens or encumbrances and are not from criminal origin and are RWA to acquire a bank instrument, have it delivered to their own bank account, then enter into contract with available sources to send it or have it blocked by MT760 for funding, credit and trade.  This is a wealth creation program and private individuals or private companies attest to the fact that we are not providing financial or securities advice of any kind.

World Capital Program
Managed "Buy Sell" private placement multiple trading platform, offering qualified clients attractive opportunities. A client must be the legal owner or authorized signatory representing a corporation. No leased, borrowed or encumbered funds allowed and no third party arrangements of any kind are acceptable. Minimum requirement of funds is US$100 Million or Euro equivalent. A lesser amount may be accepted in certain circumstances, (ask for details). This program is restricted to cash funds, financial instruments ie: (CDs, BGs, SBLCs, Bonds) and Safe Keeping Receipts (SKR) for precious metals, gold, silver, platinum held within the banking system. SKRs for other assets are not allowed. Ask for information about Venezuelan, Brazilian and Mexican hard to place bonds or request a free brochure.

Private Placement Programs (PPP)
This service is provided to highly qualified individuals and corporations with own funds.  Private Placement Programs are facilitated directly with providers and platform program managers. Contracts are awarded to qualified individuals and corporations that pass compliance. Investments remain under the control of the client and is guaranteed safeguarded during the contract period. You must be invited to join. Clients are expected to be experienced investors familiar with this type of investment.  Applicant funds are not transferred to another account. A new account could be open at client's request if there is no account with Swift obligations. Funds are blocked at client's bank through a standard MT760 or as agreed with the PPP provider. Clients understand and attest that we are not providing any financial or securities advice of any kind.  An application package may be requested. A trader can only enter a trade with cash or a line of credit. A MT799 is a bank to bank proof of funds pre-advice which must be followed by MT760. MT 799 on its own does not provide collateral or bank guarantee. MT760 is a blocking mechanism which provides collateral or guarantee so that the trader can access cash or credit line to enter a trade. 

All applicants are expected to be experienced investors who are familiar with and understand how these investments are done. We do not educate or provide any advice as to how anyone can incorporate Private Placement Program (PPP) strategy into their financial plan. The program will be presented to the applicant in the contract or by the Trader or Program Manager at the first meeting. The meeting can be a conference call or face to face meeting. This will occur after the due diligence process has been completed.  An application package may be requested.

Proof of Funds
We may arrange equity and debt-secured accounts for "Proof of Funds" uses on a fixed-return basis to facilitate various funding requirements, providing organizations and individuals have the capability to meet on-going project needs. The investment process is simple and secure, and can be completed in as little as two (2) banking days depending on the type of account  requested. Funding can be arranged for various types of accounts and instruments for a broad range of requirements. All accounts can be confirmed through written verification of deposit, with other confirmation options available including verbal and electronic verification. Specialty accounts are also available providing confirmations utilizing SWIFT MT799 and SWIFT MT760 message formats, as well as Telex confirmations for CD's. Rate-of-return requirements vary, dependent upon the amount of funds provided and the verification type needed. An application package may be requested. 

S.W.I.F.T. ("Society for Worldwide Inter-Bank Financial Telecommunication") (Proof of Funds $10Million Plus) provides mechanisms for electronic inter-bank messaging and funds transfer. SWIFT messages are used legitimately to conduct business between transactional partners. An account with the SWIFT MT999 capability allows bank-to-bank SWIFT electronic verification for Proof of Funds in the account, with no further comment. This SWIFT format is an appropriate message for a simple Proof of Funds communication and it is part of the Common Group of SWIFT formats providing a General Free Format for SWIFT messaging. An account with the SWIFT MT799 capability allows bank-to-bank SWIFT electronic verification for Proof of Funds in compliance with the SWIFT Category 7 "Treasury Markets & Syndication" message types. Often there is a misconception that a particular circumstance requires a SWIFT MT760 message, when in fact, the SWIFT MT799 format provides the required bank confirmation for the application. An account with the SWIFT MT760 capability allows bank-to-bank SWIFT electronic verification of the account, and will include a blocked funds provision. There is no other bank guarantee provision available in the SWIFT instructions. SWIFT MT542 messages are related to a SKR (Safekeeping Receipt) and related collateral.

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